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What is CBD?

Will I fail a drug test if I use CBD?
Drug tests are normally looking for THC, not CBD or any other cannabinoid. If you use CBD that has only a small amount of THC (>.3%), the THC may show up on a drug test. A drug test looking for CBD would not be effective law enforcement tool, knowing that CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause impairment.

Most workplace drug screens and tests target delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and do not detect cannabidiol (CBD) or other legal natural hemp based compounds. However, studies have shown that using hemp products such as CBD products, hemp foods and oils can, in rare cases, cause positive results when screening urine and blood specimens.

If you are subject to any form of drug testing, we recommend (as does the United States Military) that you do not use our products before consulting with your employer, health care professional, or drug testing company.

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What is the difference between hemp & marijuana?
Scientifically, they are the same plants. The difference is Industrial Hemp produces .3% or less THC and marijuana produces THC levels above .3%.


Is CBD derived from Industrial Hemp as good as CBD derived marijuana?


What is CBD oil?

Our CBD oil is extracted from Industrial Hemp plants grown in Kentucky. We use Supercritical Co2 technologies to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.


Will using your CBD products show up in a drug test?
Many people assume that hemp doesn’t produce THC. This is simply not true. Some varieties of Industrial Hemp, especially the varieties designed to produce CBD produce trace amount of THC. It can only be classified as hemp if the plant produces .3% or less THC.
THC is the only cannabinoid that is tested for, so CBD itself should not show up in a regular THC drug test. One thing to know even though our CBD is derived from Industrial Hemp the extract could contain very low amounts of THC (less than .3%). This means using CBD oil can theoretically make you show positive on a THC drug test.

Green Remedy produces Full Spectrum Hemp Extract products which are derived from Industrial hemp and contain every cannabinoid that our hemp plants produce as well as the terpenes in the plant. All products are tested to ensure they contain .3% or less THC.

Green Remedy produces Hemp Additive products as well as a Morning Blend and Evening Blend. These products contain 0% THC due to us using the 99+% CBD isolate powder that we produce. This means these products are not full spectrum and contain CBD only and none of the other cannabinoids or terpenes that our plants produce.


What is the best method of use of your CBD products?
We recommend all our products for internal consumption. Most of our products are designed to be used sublingually. Sublingually means situated or applied under the tongue. Let product rest under tongue for 45-60 seconds before swallowing.


How much CBD should I take daily?
Everyone is different so the daily amount will vary from person to person. The recommended serving size is 1-2ml per day. Some people have to take more and some can take less.


How many mg’s of CBD are in each serving of your products?
Our 500mg full spectrum products contain just shy of 17mg per 1ml serving.
Our 1500mg full spectrum products contain 50mg per 1ml serving.
Our 3000mg full spectrum products contain 50mg per 1ml serving.
Our 200mg hemp additive products contain just shy of 7mg per 1ml serving.
Our 500mg hemp additive products contain just shy of 17 mg per serving.
Our Morning Blend & Evening products contain just over 3mg per serving.


**Green Remedy Hemp Derived CBD products are not FDA approved and are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.